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Learn to prioritize this your primary and most important human relationship amidst all the requests and demands for your attention and investment.

Learn what was the original attraction factor that began your relationship and how to reapply the glue that brought you together in your every day life and actions.

Learn how to set a pace and example for other couples in your team to follow.  As leaders in the Evolved Economy. your example can do more than just bless your household.  It can radically transform others’ as well.

Relationship Mentoring is a confidential conversation between you and PK.   There may be sessions where it involves you and PK  or PK and your partner separately .   Each session is catered to your schedule.

5 sessions for $565

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Imagine you could transform….

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  • Designed for a team leader to bring their top two builders to a bi-weekly intense training session scheduled over a 90 day time frame.
  • It will be designed on your team’s need not a set curriculum. It is catered to YOU ! This is not a support group. Identify the challenges, brain-storm and create an accountable action.
  • Each person will be invited to a closed FB group and will receive a recording of their training session. There is no hiding in a large group. This is iron sharpening iron. Time to get real.

Special Introductory Price – $599 plus HST

What you get :

  • 1 hour bi weekly session over the course of 12 weeks.
  • Access to a community FB closed group of like minded pod people.  A place to share your challenges and be encouraged at the same time.
  • A BONUS 1 on 1 targeted call with each participant with PK.

This is the missing link in building strong, leader filled teams.


Contact Sandy  – to get your group in action.

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Sign Up for our FREE WEBINAR January 18th, 2017

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December Sales


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We are delighted to be able to offer our special




For one day only, when you purchase a 5 pack of Mentoring Sessions, you receive an additional 5 sessions for FREE !!

Click HERE !



That means  you can –



Give them out as team gifts !






Gather a team  and work toward that next advancement !







Grab your honey and allow PK to work with you as he shares his 25+ years of experience !







You can use them all for YOU !



It’s all up to you.

This is a limited time offer.

Take advantage and save big !

Click HERE !

Some fine print:

  1. All sales must be processed between2016.  12:01 am and 12:00 pm on MONDAY, November 28, 2016. 
  2. We do not offer refunds but will transfer your credit to another service or webinar.
  3. Team are limited to a max. of 5 persons.
  4. Conference line can be provided upon request.
  5.  Any questions, please email Sandy – for assistance.
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Top Down


Congratulations to our new corporate leadership here in Canada.

Love the new promotion leading up to the RED and WHITE Event.

Love that we are putting a little extra emphasis on making consultants, not just enrolments.

BUT, I did see that asking people to enrol with 164 BV….come on, folks.

It works in Canada.

It works everywhere.

Start at the top.  Work your way down.  Use the script.

In Canada or the United States, if you start at the very top and work down, people will not compromise and just stick with that 30 day.  They’ll buy a pacesetter’s or president’s pack.  This isn’t a theory. We’ve proven it.  Don’t just share how you started.  Share all of the pack from the top down and you won’t be settling for a 30 day every time.

theoryThis isn’t a theory.

Bottom up – 8 %.  

Top down – 30 – 100 % President;s pack. 

Try it guys,  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in.





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It’s not sales. It’s service.

xl-2015-customer-service-1We’ve all that them. That happy product user that has lots of friends who would like to do it with the but their response is, “Oh, but I don’t want to sell anything.”

Selling isn’t the issue.

Serving is.

You see with three way calls, launch parties and everything else you are going to do to help this person sign up their friends.  The real questions is, are they willing to learn how to serve?  How to serve; how to give those great six touches in the first 30 days; how to connect with their health goals so that they actually stay on track; are you willing to serve your enrollees during that first 30 day period or do you just want to sign them up and run away.

This isn’t about a decision to choose whether I want to sell or not.

Its a decision on whether I want to serve or not.

Not sales.

It’s service.

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Why Do YOU Do What You DO ?

whyWhy do you do what you do?

Why do you stay up up later and invest in your business when others have gone to sleep?

Why do you jump in a car or a plane and go meet new people and make new friends to change their lives?

Why are you doing this?

If you can’t connect with WHY someone is actually going to change their lives and the lives of others, you are never going to build this business.

Don’t think you need to become someone else.

Realize the real, authentic you – your vision, your core values and your habits – is what is going to propel you and keep you in the game.

I co-create wealth in the first world to erase the pain of the third world ;there is one world too many.  


I live on a farm with animals around me and acres to do what I want to do.  WHY ? Because that is how I want to live my life.  I don’t want to live around alot of people.

I like my 46 acres.

This is my life and this is how I want to live it.


What does yours look like?

What are you picturing right now?




What are you picturing that your are going to get done with your life?

What’s going to be the difference maker?



When you are settling in on someone’s health goal it isn’t a number.   It’s a vision of a preferred future.  It’s how they want to live their life.

When you are discussing how someone should build this business, it isn’t that they want to make X number of dollars.  Its the lifestyle they want to enjoy.

Find out what it is for you. 

Find out what it is for them.

I challenge you.  Let me know in the comments below by answering this simple question,


If you can’t tell me, who are you EVER going to tell ?


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