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Do you want to be GOOD or GREAT ?

Join me this month as I will be sharing specific strategies to shift into your greatness.

Week 1 – Defining your own NORTH STAR.

Week 2 – Learning to develop HEALTHY HABITS.

Week 3 – Prioritizing RELATIONSHIPS.

Week 4 – Guarding your MINDSET.

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If you are having trouble downloading the PDF for this training, please email

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Take this quick quiz –

Do you constantly seek direction or do you instinctively create your own path?
Do you get paid for your role or do you get paid for results?
Do you follow rules or do you tend to break them?
Are you responsible for some of the decisions or are you responsible for ALL of the decisions?
Do you dislike failure or do you embrace it?
Do you wait for the right time or do you understand that opportunities can be short in nature and immediately embrace it?
Do you aim for a promotion in your company or do you aim for the promotion of your own business?
Is money everything or is time everything?
So you work hard or do you work smart?

If you agreed with the later, you are definitely on the path to becoming a successful OWNER. If you answered yes the first part of the question, you may need a bit of help making the transition.

Join PK Smith as he unveils the secrets to master the shift from earner/employee to owner. Once the euphoria of the escaping the daily 9 – 5 passes, you will need concrete steps to flourish. Understand the seasons of businesses and how your mindset is crucial to navigating you on your journey.

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Intentional Relationships

word noise

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Cyber Monday

cyber monday 3


Cyber Monday – purchase 1 single session of 1 5 Pack Mentoring Intensive/Team Mentoring and get one FREE.


Cyber Monday



Conditions :

  1. Offer good valid Monday, November 30 only until 12 midnight.
  2. Offers can be combined and transfered.
  3. Transactions must be completed by midnight November 30.  No exceptions.
  4. Offer valid for new mentoring sessions only.  Existing sessions are not eligible.
  5. All sessions must be booked within 90 days ( end of March 2016).
  6. No refunds.
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The 5 Week Run.

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shutterstock_270143330Do you have a plan for the next 60 days?

If you do then you are prepping for an amazing 2016.

If you don’t you are delaying or derailing your progress in your Evolved Economy Business.

The next 20 days need to be focused on launch parties of various kinds. (By the way there are 6 different models to use.) After that there is 40 days of a lot of “Not Now”s.

What is your plan?

We recommend:

  1. Multiple team building  activities to hold momentum and spirit for yourself as well as your team through the 40 days in the desert ( Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Day).
  2. Boiler Room recruiting parties for extra support and encouragement as you all collect your “Not Now”s.
  3.  A solid plan developed and revealed now for January 2nd.  January 2nd  is National “I can’t Find My Belly Button Day.” If you keep up your connections through the next 60 days, they will be ready to get started with you either between Christmas and New Years or right after January 2nd. If you haven’t been diligent through the dreaded 40 days in the desert,  you will be jump starting your business in January and thus miss the largest sales spike of the year.

This is a Business and not a Job.

You are an Owner and not an Earner.

Treat it like one and act like one.


Know your seasons and know what wise investment is best suited for the season you are in.

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The Concept that STARTED IT ALL !

the co creation principles

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Creating A Legacy Revenue Stream using the Co Creation Principles


ron reid talk

Check out PK’s podcast interview with Ron Reid, host of Reid Talk.

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An Abundant Life


An Abundant Life is not impossible. It is not beyond your reach.   The keys to this lifestyle are simple but require a high commitment to living “differently.” In one of the many times in our life when our innovation as a couple set us apart from others,  we asked our course guide, “What are we doing wrong?”   His answer was simple yet profound.   “Probably nothing, keep innovating.”

An Abundant Life is not impossible. 


Find people who are invested in your success who will cheer on seemingly impossible attempts at success.

Remember, “There is more money in world than there are good ideas.”


An Abundant Life is one which is not in conflict with one’s own moral compass.   We can cheat others but never truly cheat our true self.   We can walk astray from what we believe to be true for a fixed period of time but eventually we will return to what our soul calls home. This is why people who have a poverty based personal theology must shift their beliefs before they change their tax bracket. Otherwise their beliefs will chase their success back into mediocrity just to calm the storm they have created within their minds.


Eventually we will return to what our soul calls home.

Leadership word cloud

The moral compass within my soul has always been one that loves and applauds leadership and leaders themselves.   That is why despite what I may have had on a business card for 30 years that I have been in one business, LEADERS.   With innovation,  we have been able to shape this passion and belief system into a mission in Malawi, Africa; a successful mentoring business;  a service to peace officers all over North America and a wonderful lifestyle.

You must first ask yourself though, where does your moral compass point?

 What is you dream accomplishment?

 How will you enjoy your present and future success?

 Who should you surround yourself with in order to fortify this moral compass setting?

At age 95 will this setting fill your life with happiness and fulfillment or regret and a longing desire for a “Do Over?”




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