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The Numbers Don’t Lie

green-numbersIt doesn’t matter what time of year.  Whether this apple tree is budding or has old fruit ready for winter.  It doesn’t matter.  The numbers don’t lie.


If you still have more connecting conversations; if you do more follow up; if you explain to folks how to get their products paid for , GUESS WHAT ?

They rank advance.  They don’t care that its’ November or December or any month of the year. There is a direct correlation between you being willing to have the  conversation AND them taking the action that serves them best.

shutterstock_430537906Don’t worry what the calendar says.

Have the conversation.

Last night on a call, hearing of teams doing zooms with brand new builders, showing them how to get their products paid for; going instantly to consultant OR one of the leaders have four enrolments this week and two more on the go for that night.


More conversations.

Stop looking at the calendar.

Start connecting consistently.

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Top Down


Congratulations to our new corporate leadership here in Canada.

Love the new promotion leading up to the RED and WHITE Event.

Love that we are putting a little extra emphasis on making consultants, not just enrolments.

BUT, I did see that asking people to enrol with 164 BV….come on, folks.

It works in Canada.

It works everywhere.

Start at the top.  Work your way down.  Use the script.

In Canada or the United States, if you start at the very top and work down, people will not compromise and just stick with that 30 day.  They’ll buy a pacesetter’s or president’s pack.  This isn’t a theory. We’ve proven it.  Don’t just share how you started.  Share all of the pack from the top down and you won’t be settling for a 30 day every time.

theoryThis isn’t a theory.

Bottom up – 8 %.  

Top down – 30 – 100 % President;s pack. 

Try it guys,  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in.





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Why Do YOU Do What You DO ?

whyWhy do you do what you do?

Why do you stay up up later and invest in your business when others have gone to sleep?

Why do you jump in a car or a plane and go meet new people and make new friends to change their lives?

Why are you doing this?

If you can’t connect with WHY someone is actually going to change their lives and the lives of others, you are never going to build this business.

Don’t think you need to become someone else.

Realize the real, authentic you – your vision, your core values and your habits – is what is going to propel you and keep you in the game.

I co-create wealth in the first world to erase the pain of the third world ;there is one world too many.  


I live on a farm with animals around me and acres to do what I want to do.  WHY ? Because that is how I want to live my life.  I don’t want to live around alot of people.

I like my 46 acres.

This is my life and this is how I want to live it.


What does yours look like?

What are you picturing right now?




What are you picturing that your are going to get done with your life?

What’s going to be the difference maker?



When you are settling in on someone’s health goal it isn’t a number.   It’s a vision of a preferred future.  It’s how they want to live their life.

When you are discussing how someone should build this business, it isn’t that they want to make X number of dollars.  Its the lifestyle they want to enjoy.

Find out what it is for you. 

Find out what it is for them.

I challenge you.  Let me know in the comments below by answering this simple question,


If you can’t tell me, who are you EVER going to tell ?


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MAY 2016.

No excuses.  Work mode.  Make some money.  Focus required.

MAY 2016 .  Will I see you there?

shutterstock_252911341Details will be announced soon.  Make this a priority.

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Take this quick quiz –

Do you constantly seek direction or do you instinctively create your own path?
Do you get paid for your role or do you get paid for results?
Do you follow rules or do you tend to break them?
Are you responsible for some of the decisions or are you responsible for ALL of the decisions?
Do you dislike failure or do you embrace it?
Do you wait for the right time or do you understand that opportunities can be short in nature and immediately embrace it?
Do you aim for a promotion in your company or do you aim for the promotion of your own business?
Is money everything or is time everything?
So you work hard or do you work smart?

If you agreed with the later, you are definitely on the path to becoming a successful OWNER. If you answered yes the first part of the question, you may need a bit of help making the transition.

Join PK Smith as he unveils the secrets to master the shift from earner/employee to owner. Once the euphoria of the escaping the daily 9 – 5 passes, you will need concrete steps to flourish. Understand the seasons of businesses and how your mindset is crucial to navigating you on your journey.

Register early –



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solar dancing babyThis time last year, we never imagined that we would be closing the year of 2015 in such momentum.  We were a new company,  We were learning the ropes of e-commerce and building a brand.  We were 100% responsible to communicate the Evolved Economy business concept.

Starting on January 1, 2105, we determined that THIS was going to be OUR year.  Sandy bought a solar powered dancing New Year baby .  DANCING BABY 2015 dances back and forth, celebrating the dawn of a new day.  Sounds a bit silly but that dancing baby has been a great reminder that we CLAIMED this past year.  We determined in our MINDSET that we were ready to go for it.  Was it perfect?  Nope.  Did it have its ups and downs ?  Absolutely.  Regardless, we knew in our hearts that we were pulling together united in our efforts.

It is also a CALL TO ACTION.   Just claiming a desired result does not create success.  You have to do the work.  You have to be consistent in your concepts, habits and beliefs.  If you are building your business part time, you have to have a minimum 10 hours a week blocked out and dedicated to the tasks of your business.  Until you take the time to define this time in your planner, you are only assuming that you are actually giving your business the time it needs. You also have to decide to only  co create with those who share your visions, values and habits.  All others can be distractions and time wasters.  Be okay letting them go.  Bless and release!

Dancing Baby 2015  also reminded us to CELEBRATE. It swayed back and forth regardless of the day.  When was the last time you danced and celebrated your victories?  You have to take the time to recognize the accomplishments and successes of the past year.  LAUGH,  DANCE and BE GRATEFUL. We are incredibly grateful to our mentoring partners and business associates.   Thank you for your continued business. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.   We will continue to be your hope builders and encouragers.  We take great delight in seeing you succeed and flourish !  We will always cheering from the farm.

As the days of December are coming to an end, that 2015 Dancing Baby reminds us that a new year is on the horizon.    We need to put the past year “away” , so to speak.  Clear up the tasks of the past year.   It reminds us to DREAM.    It’s time to set new goals for our business, for our family, for us as a couple and for us individually.  Start the new year with a calm, organized but limitless perspective.    Imagine what you could do if you had clarity and passion and you knew you could not fail?  If your dream does not scare you, you need to “re-dream !”

We wish you an abundant, blessed New Year !

With grateful hearts,   PK and Sandy

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shutterstock_270143330Do you have a plan for the next 60 days?

If you do then you are prepping for an amazing 2016.

If you don’t you are delaying or derailing your progress in your Evolved Economy Business.

The next 20 days need to be focused on launch parties of various kinds. (By the way there are 6 different models to use.) After that there is 40 days of a lot of “Not Now”s.

What is your plan?

We recommend:

  1. Multiple team building  activities to hold momentum and spirit for yourself as well as your team through the 40 days in the desert ( Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Day).
  2. Boiler Room recruiting parties for extra support and encouragement as you all collect your “Not Now”s.
  3.  A solid plan developed and revealed now for January 2nd.  January 2nd  is National “I can’t Find My Belly Button Day.” If you keep up your connections through the next 60 days, they will be ready to get started with you either between Christmas and New Years or right after January 2nd. If you haven’t been diligent through the dreaded 40 days in the desert,  you will be jump starting your business in January and thus miss the largest sales spike of the year.

This is a Business and not a Job.

You are an Owner and not an Earner.

Treat it like one and act like one.


Know your seasons and know what wise investment is best suited for the season you are in.

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Why ? What ?

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Energy. Strength. Drive. Thrust. Force. Impulse. Power.

What do all the words have in common?

They are all synonyms have for the word MOMENTUM.

Lots of folks talk about momentum but very few are willing to make the necessary investments to accomplish it.  You need two main ingredients:

1. Have the right business building skills. Consistently practicing ineffectual skills doesn’t work. You have to be doing the right things the right way to achieve your goals. Stay informed, inspired and ingenious.

2. Make weekly time connected investments into your business. Without the time, the skills are a waste. Do you find your 10 hours every week? Do you prioritize enrolling in your business build? Without the time factor, your skills are USELESS.

One of my mentees did something unique last week. She made two contacts conversations very day and two follow up conversations every day. She didn’t try. She didn’t count attempts. She only counted conversations. Not texts, not messages CONVERSATIONS!

The result? She enrolled two folks with great products and helped a business partner rank advance. How? Deliberate time investment. Matching her follow up calls with her initials calls. Without a follow up strategy your business is fruitless. One mentee had 7 enrolments in one week, all from previous “not nows”. Another couple had 6 personally,net ranks advancements in 7 days. Everyone of these builders required 4-8 months of follow up but there they got started they all started with a bang.

So, are you in momentum? 

In light of this information, are you really?

You could be.

Choose to invest deliberately with high level skills and timely execution.

momentum 3

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It’s TIME.

no thnakHave you been hearing “Not Now” a lot these past summer months? Well today is the day to circle back to those who previously were unwilling to make that significant investment in their health and their future. Please remember that their real reason for being reluctant to get stared was not what they told you.



 noun skep·ti·cism \ˈskep-tə-ˌsi-zəm\ : an attitude of doubting the truth of something (such as a claim or statement)



The number one reason for delaying their great adventure with nutritional super foods is personal skepticism. They are afraid that they will fail and it feels like it is better to not try and keep failing than to try and fail. So stay positive. Believe in their success before they themselves believe in it. Don’t become defensive about your products that isn’t their challenge.



But circle back today! If you have a “Not Now Book” then comb it today. If you don’t have one start building one. One of my mentees has already put a full ream of paper into her book and she is circling back this week. Another mentee had 4 brave souls begin their journey to  recapture  their health by Tuesday just because she knows the power of follow up.
It’s circle back week. Stop reading this post and pick up the phone.


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