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Why ? What ?

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Energy. Strength. Drive. Thrust. Force. Impulse. Power.

What do all the words have in common?

They are all synonyms have for the word MOMENTUM.

Lots of folks talk about momentum but very few are willing to make the necessary investments to accomplish it.  You need two main ingredients:

1. Have the right business building skills. Consistently practicing ineffectual skills doesn’t work. You have to be doing the right things the right way to achieve your goals. Stay informed, inspired and ingenious.

2. Make weekly time connected investments into your business. Without the time, the skills are a waste. Do you find your 10 hours every week? Do you prioritize enrolling in your business build? Without the time factor, your skills are USELESS.

One of my mentees did something unique last week. She made two contacts conversations very day and two follow up conversations every day. She didn’t try. She didn’t count attempts. She only counted conversations. Not texts, not messages CONVERSATIONS!

The result? She enrolled two folks with great products and helped a business partner rank advance. How? Deliberate time investment. Matching her follow up calls with her initials calls. Without a follow up strategy your business is fruitless. One mentee had 7 enrolments in one week, all from previous “not nows”. Another couple had 6 personally,net ranks advancements in 7 days. Everyone of these builders required 4-8 months of follow up but there they got started they all started with a bang.

So, are you in momentum? 

In light of this information, are you really?

You could be.

Choose to invest deliberately with high level skills and timely execution.

momentum 3

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It’s TIME.

no thnakHave you been hearing “Not Now” a lot these past summer months? Well today is the day to circle back to those who previously were unwilling to make that significant investment in their health and their future. Please remember that their real reason for being reluctant to get stared was not what they told you.



 noun skep·ti·cism \ˈskep-tə-ˌsi-zəm\ : an attitude of doubting the truth of something (such as a claim or statement)



The number one reason for delaying their great adventure with nutritional super foods is personal skepticism. They are afraid that they will fail and it feels like it is better to not try and keep failing than to try and fail. So stay positive. Believe in their success before they themselves believe in it. Don’t become defensive about your products that isn’t their challenge.



But circle back today! If you have a “Not Now Book” then comb it today. If you don’t have one start building one. One of my mentees has already put a full ream of paper into her book and she is circling back this week. Another mentee had 4 brave souls begin their journey to  recapture  their health by Tuesday just because she knows the power of follow up.
It’s circle back week. Stop reading this post and pick up the phone.


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A Podium, Not A Pedestal


Contact PK at


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Creating A Legacy Revenue Stream using the Co Creation Principles


ron reid talk

Check out PK’s podcast interview with Ron Reid, host of Reid Talk.

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The Double Paradise Life – Breckenridge, CO and Kaua’ i, Hawaii

bethany 3

It is always fun and a privilege to meet a rockstar and Bethanny Crouse certainly fits that description.  Enjoy as she shares her personal  journey.

“I began working with PK as my mentor to learn & understand how to co-create with leaders in the Evolved Economy. He has helped me with areas I needed to work on and how to break through those barriers. Most importantly he taught me how I can take new emerging leaders by mentoring them, so that they could then break through and become leaders themselves for their own teams. My income very quickly doubled as soon as I began working with PK. When I first started mentoring with him my family had made a huge decision to take a chance and move to Hawaii six months of the year, although our finances were not perfect. I knew that my business would continue to grow with his mentorship!

Bethany 1

Now we are in our second year living six months in Princeville, Kaua’i and six months in Breckenridge, Colorado, living the life of our dreams and our income has quadrupled!  We are now financially free!

bethany 2

He has become a close friend and has so many talents. I look up to PK in every area of my life! He has even helped us as a couple grow closer. Having him as my mentor in business and in life has changed everything for me! “

Thank you, Bethanny and family for sharing your Evolved Economy business journey !  I know that big things will continue to be part of your future !

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every 90 days

kevy sam1Sandy and I met when we were just teenagers. We thought we knew in great detail how our lives would turn out back then. We discussed, (code for fought) where we would lead and serve in the world. We talked about our futures and how we wanted to contribute.

Many of those things came true but the pathway was shifted dramatically in the past decade as to how we accomplished what we set out to do. The constant through all of these decades has been a desire to remain connected on a deep level. To stay into each other no matter how life and circumstances conspired to separate us. Our greatest nemesis has always been our calendar. It has choked out more attention and passion than any other singular distraction.

It took us 3 decades, but 2 years ago we learned something. We learned to declare our priorities by planning our activities in the order of their importance in our lives. Now the first year we tried to get away 4 times in a calendar year we failed and only did so twice. But those 2 were wonderful and they inspired us to keep trying. The next year we got away 6 times. Well if you are going to miss the mark again you may as well fail forward.

This weekend we are going to spend some time together in New York City. We love this city. We are just going to hold hands and stare at the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, eat Dim Sum in China Town and ignore all of you for a few days.


You would think it is easier now that we have both retired from our jobs to exclusively build our Evolved Economy Business but alas it is not. It turns out that even though we are self-employed.  our boss is often a Jackass.

This 90 Day Getaway sets us up for our next big one in Jamaica in February. Our second Evolved Economy Couples Retreat is just a few months away and we cannot wait to spend some amazing time with like-minded couples.

Is your calendar serving your relationship or sabotaging it.

Is your relationship a greater priority than your family, your extended family or even your business?

Is your intention to spend the next 3 decades with the one you love like it is for Sandy and I ?

Come join us in our adventure, Every 90 Days!

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How Healthy Are Your Evolved Economy Partnerships ?


Partnering is the cornerstone of the Evolved Economy. Unlike most compensation plans the Evolved Economy really does compensate all the partners concerned. It is why we consider The Evolved Economy to be Pure Capitalism. When we each invest our resources we all benefit with an increased revenue without consideration of when we began investing, whether we are related to the higher revenue earners, or if we are as famous as our partnering associates. It is Pure Capitalism!

One segment of our business does not get the attention it is really due. Our Autoship Partners tend to get overlooked. Despite the fact that the majority of our revenue comes from faithful Autoship Partners we often overlook their importance and miss too many opportunities to demonstrate our appreciation for their contributions.

  1. Initiate communication with them. Offer options to their autoship early in the relationship before they grow tired of the basics they may have started with in the beginning.
  2. Celebrate their continued faithful investments in their own health through putting these amazing products in their body. 3 month, 6 month and 1 year milestones warrant acknowledgement.
  3. Invite them to share their product experience with brief video testimonies introducing them to the rest of the team. Just because they have not chosen to become a business builder yet does not make them a less integral part of all of your successes.
  4. Offer to trade Launch Party successes for free product. This is not a trick to force them to build the business. They simply can throw a Launch Party with you providing all the inspirational content and you exchange a favorite product on their autoship for 2 enrolments and an entirely free monthly autoship for 4 enrolments.

thank you partners

You have more partners than you ever thought you had. Some of them are in plain sight.

They simply require more attention to detail on our part to bring them to full potential.

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Your Personal Legacy

momentum (1)

I love to see momentum. It is exciting to see leaders redefine their influence and impact on their team. This has been a fun week as a mentor as mentees have reached some long sought after goals. I think specifically of one great guy who has been busting his butt for years. There never was a lack of focus or effort on his part but he just didn’t break out of the initial building phase of his business.


Thousands of people stay below the 6 figure revenue stage. They like the business, they love the product (often not in that order), but they still seem to be stuck. I call it the Two Star Bermuda Triangle. There is plenty of energy being expended but unbeknownst to them they have the wheel turned hard right and their brightly painted ship is turning in a never ending circle.

The “exceptional entity” in the world can just sell their way out. Not sell out, sell their way out. They are a force to be reckoned with and people say yes to their sales pitch. Because they take the “Exceptional Posture”,  they enrol with ease but rarely create business partners within their organization. How you enroll someone is a great predictor on whether or not that product user ever makes the shift and becomes a business partner.

The “Same Boat” enroller does not appear to be exceptional but “everyday” in their posture and presentation. They utilize the tools and the Team Introduction phone calls to fortify the reality that this isn’t golf, this is basketball.  And because of this posture of getting people in the “Same Boat” people seamlessly convert into business partners.


Building a Legacy Team must be the goal of every Business Builder. In order for your financial legacy to be secured you must be fully invested in building a team of business partners who all share in your success. Any business model that does not pave the way for others to be financial free is destined for ruin.


I have yet to hear from the mentee who shifted his revenue by 50% in 3 weeks but I am certain of his success. WHY? He is paving the way for others to succeed. His laser focus is on building in such a way that he not seen as the expert who has all the answers. He is adopting the posture of the mentor who is focused on the success of others first. He is building a Financial Legacy by build a Legacy Team.

Mastering the balance of the 3 Critical  Conversation is the absolute foundation of building the Legacy Team. We will be sharing these 3 Conversations in  our signature Back 2 Basic webinar starting this month. In this dynamic 4 week course, you will learn the importance of your schedule and learn the fundamental steps to becoming a mentor.  To register please go to:

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Podcast with David Anderson Moving Millennials

In February, I had the privilege of being a guest on David Anderson’s podcast series.  Enjoy our conversation by clicking here.




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