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Top Down


Congratulations to our new corporate leadership here in Canada.

Love the new promotion leading up to the RED and WHITE Event.

Love that we are putting a little extra emphasis on making consultants, not just enrolments.

BUT, I did see that asking people to enrol with 164 BV….come on, folks.

It works in Canada.

It works everywhere.

Start at the top.  Work your way down.  Use the script.

In Canada or the United States, if you start at the very top and work down, people will not compromise and just stick with that 30 day.  They’ll buy a pacesetter’s or president’s pack.  This isn’t a theory. We’ve proven it.  Don’t just share how you started.  Share all of the pack from the top down and you won’t be settling for a 30 day every time.

theoryThis isn’t a theory.

Bottom up – 8 %.  

Top down – 30 – 100 % President;s pack. 

Try it guys,  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in.





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PK’s 6 Touches Updated !

tool boxWE provide not only the script for you to reference but also the link for the videos –


TOUCH ONE :  Opportunity and Products Tools Call :

Share an opportunity video and product video every time.

TOUCH TWO :  The Generous Referral Bonus Call

Isagenix has a very generous referral bonus system.  It’s somewhat like Amazon.   We know that the vast majority of purchases on Amazon are based on positive reviews.   But Amazon doesn’t give out any money for giving those reviews.   Isagenix does.

Let’s say you started with the President’s Pak this week.   If a couple of your friends, because of your positive referrals, decide that first week to join you with Presidents Paks, there’s $420 in referral bonuses coming to you.   Now if a 3rd person joins you that week, there’s $634 in referral bonuses coming your way.

Why?   Because there aren’t any ads on TV.  Because the Isagenix products are never gone to be found on the shelf at Walmart.  And because there is no stadium anywhere in the world that says Isagenix on it.  Instead we take that money and share it with folks like you.

So, would you like to take advantage of some these fabulous referral bonuses because I’d love to see you get some money back right away.

You need only know the three sets of numbers you would share based on which pack they started with: 30 Day: 200 and 250  Pacesetter: 300 and 400 President: 420 and 634

When they say “I’m not ready to share”, say “I completely understand.  Of course if you don’t know for sure that this works, you wouldn’t want to share it with friends.   But here’s the great news.   I happen to know by day 5, you are going to have measurable results that you are going to be so excited about.    So much so, that I’d like to talk to you on the 5th day of your nutritional experience, just so I can hear a list of all the things that have changed – maybe lost a couple of pounds, perhaps lost some inches, or sleeping better, better mental clarity, lots of things can happen by day 5”.


Peer to Peer to Peer  Three Way Call



TOUCH THREE :  Day 5 Miracle Call

When your Associate shares their list of results by Day 5

Why don’t we talk to 3 or 4 of your friends and just tell them how great you feel. Lets see if they wouldn’t want to stat enjoying the great results you have been achieving.

At this point, they can still remember day 1 and they are still excited about that contrast.   Don’t wait too long to have this conversation.  Otherwise, they begin to suffer from “Isagenix Amnesia” – they forget that Isagenix is the reason they are feeling so great.


TOUCH FOUR :  The Day 14 Compliment Call

So, what’s a great compliment you’ve received from a friend, family member or coworker in the last couple of weeks?   You look great.  You must feel great.  Someone must be noticing.   Now unfortunately, most people think they’ll be complimented on losing weight.    But actually, most people won’t do that for fear of offending you.   What they may say is “hey, you look different” or “is that a new outfit”  or men will say “you changed your hair”.  Things like that they let them know people are noticing.

Well, why don’t we talk to 3-4 of your friends.   Maybe even some of your friends that are noticing.   Maybe it’s their way of saying “Hey, can you hook a sister up?”   That way, we can get your autoship order paid for before it gets processed in a week or so.  That way your 2nd month of superfoods will be completely paid for.

TOUCH FIVE :  The Day 20 Coaching Bonus Call

Step 1 – Review their progress so far. Compare their progress to the health goal you reviewed with them when you started.

Step 2 – Establish their 2nd month’s health goals

Step 3 – Show them the value of a pack that will help them reach their goals.

 TOUCH SIX :  The Day 30 ISA Pantry Review Call

Do just before they begin their 2nd month

  1. Review what they have left in ISA-pantry
  2. Remind them of 2nd month health goals. In many cases, they won’t have enough to reach their 2nd month goals
  3. May require a mid-month order. Why? Because if they run out and need to wait, they are going to revert back to old habits and ruining some of their progress from the first month Hey, why don’t we talk to 3-4 friends and get them to join you in your goals. We can go back and get your autoship order paid for and go forward and get your mid-month order paid for.  That way, your entire 2nd month of super foods are completely free.




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PK’s 6 Essential Touches in the First 30 Days

tool box


The first 30 days after a person enrolls are crucial to long term success.  With these 6 duplicatable steps, you can help get their products paid for.

PK’s 6 essential touches first 30 days.

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