shutterstock_358652420The summer season is upon us. Warm weather, long sun filled days, kids home for the summer.

   In business, there is a 90 day echo.  This means that the activity you are doing now will be seen in 90 days.  It is the universal law of sowing and reaping.

Here at the EVOLVED ECONOMY, we offer two distinct training packages aimed at keeping you in momentum.

THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERS – a 5 week team mentoring package that will assist you and your team in the power of intentions and setting a financial blueprint; how to identify who to mentor and to effectively communicate as a mentor ; learn valuable duplication skills; and master the value of saying “NO”.

THE EXECUTIVE RUN – a 5 week mentoring package that gives you concrete tools and scripts to sue when leading with the top of your product line ; create a system using PK’s 6 essential touches in the first 30 days; and learn the 6 difference models of launch parties that other teams are using successfully.

Cost  – $500 plus HST for 5 people.  ($565 Canadian)

Contact Sandy – to set up your team mentoring spot.  


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