It’s not sales. It’s service.

xl-2015-customer-service-1We’ve all that them. That happy product user that has lots of friends who would like to do it with the but their response is, “Oh, but I don’t want to sell anything.”

Selling isn’t the issue.

Serving is.

You see with three way calls, launch parties and everything else you are going to do to help this person sign up their friends.  The real questions is, are they willing to learn how to serve?  How to serve; how to give those great six touches in the first 30 days; how to connect with their health goals so that they actually stay on track; are you willing to serve your enrollees during that first 30 day period or do you just want to sign them up and run away.

This isn’t about a decision to choose whether I want to sell or not.

Its a decision on whether I want to serve or not.

Not sales.

It’s service.

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