A Pro knows their status. They describe themselves accurately and passionately, They are a Business Owner! An Amateur stumbles and mumbles and downplays the significance of their role rather than explaining and demonstrating the power of their position.

A Pro seeks to emulate and duplicate the habits and mindsets of other successful Business Owners. They know this is a skill based opportunity, so they prioritize the skills they must master, learn a duplicate-able form of the skill, master then train that skill. They do not fool themselves into thinking that you can master multiple skills. It is a matter of prioritizing and mastering. Amateurs are satisfied with average skill levels and average results. In fact they never truly compare their skills sets as they are not attempting to master skills but only to poorly imitate them.

A Pro gives their business priority number one when it comes to their schedule. The requirements of business are mostly connected to time. A Pro can show what their time priorities are this week, next month or all this year. A Pro has mastered scheduling and they know the difference between the tyranny of the urgent and what is actually important and essential to their business. An Amateur fantasizes that their business will find its own time independent of them personally. Amateurs make excuses about how busy they are or about others who abuse their time, but they never fully take responsibility for how their time is invested.

A Pro knows their numbers both backwards and forwards. All skill based endeavours improve incrementally and without careful oversight to the numbers a growth or a decline can go unnoticed before it is too late. A Pro loves to measure actions and progress as it empowers them to influence the outcome. An Amateur fears the numbers. They fear being judged for their poor outcomes so they pretend they are unaware of the actual numbers. An Amateur imagines that they are not in control of the outcome so everything appears to happen by surprise.

A Pro masters Predicting a Positive Preferred Future, first for themselves, and then for others. A Pro is constantly mastering a positive personal mindset. As a Business Owner they realize this is their responsibility alone. No one else can do this mindset work for you them so they accept the full ownership of the task. They do not allow people with negative outlooks to influence or impact their mindset. This results in many people around them misunderstanding their focus for judgment. This does not distract a Pro. An Amateur is ruled by the perceived opinion of the majority. They are concerned with fitting or blending in, not sticking or standing out. Average is the goal for the Amateur.

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