“As a business owner, I have always believed in having a coach to help you achieve your goals and take your business to a new level.  I started coaching with PK in the Spring of 2013 after not having a coach for 2 years.  I had forgotten how great it was to be able to speak to someone openly about the challenges and issues, not only in my business, but more accurately in my own mind that were holding me back.  What I found out quickly was that PK’s style of coaching is something I had never experienced before.  After every call, I end up replaying our conversation over and over in my mind as I process our discussion and as a result, gain a new level of awareness that helps me overcome the issue at hand.  He has an amazing ability to challenge your thinking and your vision.  As a result he has taught me to treat my business like it is one size larger, but think about it like it is 2 sizes larger.  And it’s happening faster than could have imagined!  Thanks PK”  ` J. Snelgrove

“I’ve been working with a gentleman and mentor over the past few months, and he is walked me and our Team Leaders through many aah, haa moments! One of the over-riding ones, is that to duplicate ourselves and co-create an unstoppable Global Team (Big Picture Vision). It is necessary to slow down, continually develop ourselves -and- Train/Mentor the Leaders in our Organizations who share the Vision. The simple actions steps listed below, is a wonderful overview, of what that process can look like. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to get back with Joy, Myself or the Friend who shared this to discover more Co-Creation/Evolved Economy Principles. They apply to any Business…especially the powerful industry, we love, and which has been a God-send to so many peeps, called Network Marketing. ” – R. Arthur

“I’ve personally coached 5 people at a time regularly on a weekly basis which often became 8-10 people because I didn’t ever want to say no. I was a business coach, friend, sometimes motivator and cheerleader. Many of you reading this have been amazing to coach and I’ve enjoyed coaching and supporting you personally. I tried to keep these sessions from 15-30 minutes but most times they became over an hour. My amazing mentor PK Kevin Smith has helped me to see that this is not duplicatable or sustainable. If I model this, many people that partner with me will feel they must do it too, most of us don’t have time to do this each week, me included. I easily became overwhelmed, even though I did love the sessions. Many people i care about have asked for this support again, it feels like the hardest thing for me to turn you down, but I can commit to being available for 3-way calls and training sessions in groups. Coaching for mindset, motivation etc, comes from within ourselves and with the hep of building upon our own belief through events, podcasts, books etc. Thank you to each of you for understanding that as a team this isn’t a bad thing, we continue to learn, evolve and grow!” – T. Cooper