Mentoring with PK

mentoring with PK 2


Mentoring is a relationship developed with trust.

You trust that the time is valued.

You trust that the mentoring is effective.

PK has close to 30 years working with people –  finding their hidden gifts and undiscovered leadership skills.  He was initially hired by Susan Sly to mentor and encourage Team Success of Isagenix.  In 2014, the Evolved Economy was created to fill a need.  Individuals and teams needed someone who understood their business compensation plan and who understood team building. H e has worked with over 30% of the Isagenix Millionaires.  He has created specific tools and tracking methods that encourage accountability and growth.

I understand leaders.

 I  know how to help you become the leader you have always wanted to be.   





This is your time.  Time to get real. Time to understand why you do what you do and why the results have stayed the same.  Time to get into action.  Time to have someone build your self belief and cheer you on .






You have your tribe.  Now you want to get them paid.  You can bring in a team of up to 5 for 5 weeks of specific mentoring complete with tracking tools, scripts and other tools designed to get your team into action.






Do you want to have mass impact?

PK will come to your area and train for either a weekend or a specific date.  ( ** special details for US events).  All you need to do is find the venue.  The handouts etc are all taken care of.  Please contact Sandy at for more details.







1.   Please note that all  sessions are non-refundable.  The fee can be transferred to a teleconference/ webinar or individual mentoring session.

2.  PK considers any mentoring appointment that you have made with him important.  Your session is for your exclusive use.  When it is cancelled with short notice or missed altogether, it is often too late or impossible to offer this time to someone else.  A 24 hour notice is required.  If you cancel 2 or more, you will forfeit one session. If you cancel 3 or more, you will be asked to take a 6 week break to allow for things to settle down. You will then be invited to contact us again to begin your sessions again.

3.   Contact information is or