What is the Evolved Economy ?

kevin uniform

This little boy has never been to North America.  He is currently living in a refugee camp outside of Lilongwe, Malawi.  My wife and I visited Malawi in 2004.  The sites, sounds and experiences of this small country has forever changed our lives.  What began as first attempts to raise funds for self sufficiency projects such as water and building nursery schools has now blossomed into impactmalawi.com,  an NGO ( Non Governmental Organization) operating in Malawi.

How is this related to the EVOLVED ECONOMY?

The Evolved Economy is a major opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being a business owner without the normal financial risks of the traditional economy.  Some who join the movement will already be business owners in the traditional economy.  They recognize the multiplied capital creating opportunity and they become what I call “economically ambidextrous”. There are simple principles that guide an effective “evolved economy business” that anyone, yes anyone, can master. If you are ready to learn, ready to be mentored so that you too can become an outstanding business mentor, then you have come to the RIGHT place!
I use the many benefits of the EVOLVED ECONOMY to fuel my passions, a couple of which are depicted in this photo.  I serve Police Officers in many regions of the world as their Police Chaplain.  I also work to erase the THIRD WORLD one village at a time, through my commitment to Impact Malawi.

If you desire to make a greater contribution or footprint in your lifetime, then the EVOLVED ECONOMY is for you!

If you have chose to make a great financial legacy for your family, then you have found it in the EVOLVED ECONOMY!