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Energy. Strength. Drive. Thrust. Force. Impulse. Power.

What do all the words have in common?

They are all synonyms have for the word MOMENTUM.

Lots of folks talk about momentum but very few are willing to make the necessary investments to accomplish it.  You need two main ingredients:

1. Have the right business building skills. Consistently practicing ineffectual skills doesn’t work. You have to be doing the right things the right way to achieve your goals. Stay informed, inspired and ingenious.

2. Make weekly time connected investments into your business. Without the time, the skills are a waste. Do you find your 10 hours every week? Do you prioritize enrolling in your business build? Without the time factor, your skills are USELESS.

One of my mentees did something unique last week. She made two contacts conversations very day and two follow up conversations every day. She didn’t try. She didn’t count attempts. She only counted conversations. Not texts, not messages CONVERSATIONS!

The result? She enrolled two folks with great products and helped a business partner rank advance. How? Deliberate time investment. Matching her follow up calls with her initials calls. Without a follow up strategy your business is fruitless. One mentee had 7 enrolments in one week, all from previous “not nows”. Another couple had 6 personally,net ranks advancements in 7 days. Everyone of these builders required 4-8 months of follow up but there they got started they all started with a bang.

So, are you in momentum? 

In light of this information, are you really?

You could be.

Choose to invest deliberately with high level skills and timely execution.

momentum 3

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It’s TIME.

no thnakHave you been hearing “Not Now” a lot these past summer months? Well today is the day to circle back to those who previously were unwilling to make that significant investment in their health and their future. Please remember that their real reason for being reluctant to get stared was not what they told you.



 noun skep·ti·cism \ˈskep-tə-ˌsi-zəm\ : an attitude of doubting the truth of something (such as a claim or statement)



The number one reason for delaying their great adventure with nutritional super foods is personal skepticism. They are afraid that they will fail and it feels like it is better to not try and keep failing than to try and fail. So stay positive. Believe in their success before they themselves believe in it. Don’t become defensive about your products that isn’t their challenge.



But circle back today! If you have a “Not Now Book” then comb it today. If you don’t have one start building one. One of my mentees has already put a full ream of paper into her book and she is circling back this week. Another mentee had 4 brave souls begin their journey to  recapture  their health by Tuesday just because she knows the power of follow up.
It’s circle back week. Stop reading this post and pick up the phone.


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Okay, Just This Once – BLITZ

“I have the solution to your New Year’s Resolution.”

Some of you know my dislike of this business model simply because it’s overused and under implemented. Your business cannot sustain a continuous blitz. It cannot offer the necessary customer service or team development if all you ever do is expand, expand and expand. Eventually your front line will be out running your line of supply and disaster awaits.

Now frankly, this cautionary tale is not for everyone. In fact, it is applicable to very few. The rest of us need many, many more new customers in the next 90 days. From these customers we will discover some sincere business experimenters and from them you will find your 1 or 2 new business partners.

This is why I am so determined to share with all of my mentees the need to maintain a constant enrolling energy into your business of at least 50% of your work time. You need to get out there and meet new people, introduce yourself as an entrepreneur who specializes in international business opportunities in the new burgeoning Evolved Economy. You need to hone your “Curiosity Creating Conversation” skills so that you became adept at adding real value to any conversation.

You need to develop a pipeline of 30 people if you are part time and 60 if full time. These are people who have seen or heard of your proposal and you have recorded their phone number. This lucky group will receive a customer service call every 6 weeks so that you can allow their initial interest to blossom into full fledge commitment to changing their financial future and their overall personal health.

But this is December. This is the month of parties, get-togethers and family gatherings. The initial tempting conclusion is that this is the month to coast. “Who is going to enrolling before Christmas?” rings through your head as the logic behind your lethargy. It is BAD LOGIC.

This is the month when you will have more natural opportunities to practice your connecting skill than all the other months combined. This is the month to get past some of your 4-6 meaningful connections that are on average necessary before someone makes a meaningful purchase. This is the time to be planting a simple thought in many peoples’ minds, “I have the solution to your New Year’s Resolution.”

Yes, most will say “not now” but “not now” means yes later. So make your connections. Share your opportunity. Be present in folks’ minds as they face the inevitable January first hangover infused question, “Where is my belly button?”

So it is December, let’s set the pace of our Businesses in 2014 by finishing well. The first 40 days of sales in 2014 can revolutionize your year. That 40 days is largely determined by this 30 days. So decide your earnings in 2014 before it ever begins.

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