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solar dancing babyThis time last year, we never imagined that we would be closing the year of 2015 in such momentum.  We were a new company,  We were learning the ropes of e-commerce and building a brand.  We were 100% responsible to communicate the Evolved Economy business concept.

Starting on January 1, 2105, we determined that THIS was going to be OUR year.  Sandy bought a solar powered dancing New Year baby .  DANCING BABY 2015 dances back and forth, celebrating the dawn of a new day.  Sounds a bit silly but that dancing baby has been a great reminder that we CLAIMED this past year.  We determined in our MINDSET that we were ready to go for it.  Was it perfect?  Nope.  Did it have its ups and downs ?  Absolutely.  Regardless, we knew in our hearts that we were pulling together united in our efforts.

It is also a CALL TO ACTION.   Just claiming a desired result does not create success.  You have to do the work.  You have to be consistent in your concepts, habits and beliefs.  If you are building your business part time, you have to have a minimum 10 hours a week blocked out and dedicated to the tasks of your business.  Until you take the time to define this time in your planner, you are only assuming that you are actually giving your business the time it needs. You also have to decide to only  co create with those who share your visions, values and habits.  All others can be distractions and time wasters.  Be okay letting them go.  Bless and release!

Dancing Baby 2015  also reminded us to CELEBRATE. It swayed back and forth regardless of the day.  When was the last time you danced and celebrated your victories?  You have to take the time to recognize the accomplishments and successes of the past year.  LAUGH,  DANCE and BE GRATEFUL. We are incredibly grateful to our mentoring partners and business associates.   Thank you for your continued business. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.   We will continue to be your hope builders and encouragers.  We take great delight in seeing you succeed and flourish !  We will always cheering from the farm.

As the days of December are coming to an end, that 2015 Dancing Baby reminds us that a new year is on the horizon.    We need to put the past year “away” , so to speak.  Clear up the tasks of the past year.   It reminds us to DREAM.    It’s time to set new goals for our business, for our family, for us as a couple and for us individually.  Start the new year with a calm, organized but limitless perspective.    Imagine what you could do if you had clarity and passion and you knew you could not fail?  If your dream does not scare you, you need to “re-dream !”

We wish you an abundant, blessed New Year !

With grateful hearts,   PK and Sandy

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shutterstock_270143330Do you have a plan for the next 60 days?

If you do then you are prepping for an amazing 2016.

If you don’t you are delaying or derailing your progress in your Evolved Economy Business.

The next 20 days need to be focused on launch parties of various kinds. (By the way there are 6 different models to use.) After that there is 40 days of a lot of “Not Now”s.

What is your plan?

We recommend:

  1. Multiple team building  activities to hold momentum and spirit for yourself as well as your team through the 40 days in the desert ( Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Day).
  2. Boiler Room recruiting parties for extra support and encouragement as you all collect your “Not Now”s.
  3.  A solid plan developed and revealed now for January 2nd.  January 2nd  is National “I can’t Find My Belly Button Day.” If you keep up your connections through the next 60 days, they will be ready to get started with you either between Christmas and New Years or right after January 2nd. If you haven’t been diligent through the dreaded 40 days in the desert,  you will be jump starting your business in January and thus miss the largest sales spike of the year.

This is a Business and not a Job.

You are an Owner and not an Earner.

Treat it like one and act like one.


Know your seasons and know what wise investment is best suited for the season you are in.

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