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It’s not sales. It’s service.

xl-2015-customer-service-1We’ve all that them. That happy product user that has lots of friends who would like to do it with the but their response is, “Oh, but I don’t want to sell anything.”

Selling isn’t the issue.

Serving is.

You see with three way calls, launch parties and everything else you are going to do to help this person sign up their friends.  The real questions is, are they willing to learn how to serve?  How to serve; how to give those great six touches in the first 30 days; how to connect with their health goals so that they actually stay on track; are you willing to serve your enrollees during that first 30 day period or do you just want to sign them up and run away.

This isn’t about a decision to choose whether I want to sell or not.

Its a decision on whether I want to serve or not.

Not sales.

It’s service.

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One of the models we teach concerning follow up during the enrolling conversations of our business includes the concept of the customer service follow up call. In a time when many people tell you to keep track of how many opportunities you offer a prospective product user or business builder,  our approach differs.

In the land of professional sales,  the number of required follow up calls pales in comparison to your commitment to meet the unmet needs of your future customer. I asked one professional car sales manager when he stopped calling people and his response was, “When they buy a car from my dealership”.

It is that kind of professional determination that allows the business building entrepreneur to stop keeping track of how many connections have been proffered and begin to keep a close eye on the measureable quality of your connections. This requires a more accurate ear when a Not Positive Response is offered.

A Not Positive Response is not necessarily negative.

A Not Positive Response means that they said “No” because they didn’t “Know” enough yet to say yes so the educating and “inspiriting” must continue.

A Not Positive Response is definitive about this product, this perspective on the business and this exact moment in time. Don’t allow it to be perceived as anything more than that.

A Not Positive Response is an opportunity to Out Serve Their Scepticism.

They are not sceptical about your product and its possible positive impact on their lives.

They are not sceptical about the business model. Yes,  they have heard about its winnings and failings in other people’s lives but the model itself does not instill fear.


failureNO, in fact they are mostly sceptical about themselves.

They have faced failure in the past and they think the best way to avoid it in the future is to stop trying.

They have faced criticism that cut them to their core from small minded people who were looking for a chink in their armor and they think the best way to avoid such violence is to stop trying to better themselves at all.

They have faced self-doubt in the past and they previously have found no one who would argue with their own poor self-esteem so they consistently lost those verbal battles with self and they think that the best way to avoid such personal injury is to allow themselves to be lowered into their own lowest common denominator.


believeBut we disagree. We believe in them. We believe they can re-invent their financial legacy, their self-worth and their posture and position in society. So we choose to follow up with positive customer service which is patient with their process and takes nothing that they say too personally.

We do this because we know that what we have to offer works pays and transforms how we think about ourselves.

We do this because we know hundreds of stories of regular everyday people who re-invented themselves with this product, this model and this opportunity.


We do this because someone dared to do the same for us.


You are an impassioned professional who has the opportunity and the obligation to invite the world to join us in the latest of economic revolutions, we are inviting them to join us as leaders, movers and shakers in…The Evolved Economy.  

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